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  • Compromised Usernames
  • Online Profiles
  • IP Address Hacks
  • Phone Numbers
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Benefits of a Free Account

  • Basic Breach Monitoring - 5 Emails

    Monitor five email addresses of your choosing against data breaches. As we enter more data into our database, we'll automatically notify you if your private information is flagged.

  • Breach Alerts & Notifications

    Receive email or mobile alerts and notifications as soon as your private information has been compromised in a new hacked database. Configure your alert preferences in HEROIC's Alert Settings.

  • Real-time Cybersecurity Scorecard

    With our detailed cybersecurity scorecard, users can thoroughly protect their information, devices and families from cyber threats on a variety of fronts. Know exactly where your security needs to improve.

  • Cybersecurity Education Program

    More than 70% of people think that they are responsible for protecting their online security, but only 40% feel that they adequately know how to do so. Our online education program will teach you how to protect yourself online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I see all my results?

    After creating your free account, you will be able to instantly view your results for all compromised emails. You will also have the option to remove your records from public search if you wish to block them from others online.

  • What will my results consist of?

    HEROIC's Hack Database contains sensitive information ranging from usernames and passwords to IP addresses and telephone numbers. If your email address is flagged, we will tell you in which hack it was compromised and what other private information was also found inside that specific hack.

  • Where does HEROIC get its records from?

    Our hack database contains over 4 billion individual records and over 2,000 corporate data breaches from a variety of industry verticals. We have compiled these breached databases from the past decade into the most powerful public online search tool.