Leaving Everything Behind

The HEROIC Tribe is a family of seven, going on eight, that has sold everything to travel the world with a mission to help everyone become more technologically secure.

We’ll be traveling to popular destinations around the world to film and document our experiences connecting with foreign communities and touring attractions. With the help of partnerships and local media along the way, we’ll be teaching others about cybersecurity and cryptocurrency through educational and networking events while giving away more than $1 million worth of cryptocurrency.


Aug 12 – Pending

Aug 9 – 12, 2018

Jul 25 – Aug 7, 2018

Jul 18 – 24, 2018

July 2 – 17, 2018

London, England

Boston, MA

New York City, NY

Columbus, OH

Kansas City, MO

Airdrop London & other European location

Filming and Networking

Filming and Networking

Filming and Networking

Filming and Networking