Antivirus isn't enough. HEROIC provides a next-generation cybersecurity platform to manage all your security needs.

HEROIC can protect all these devices and more. Antivirus alone can’t.


Security Systems


Gaming Consoles


Baby Monitors

Smart Phones

Smart TVs

How HEROIC secures any device on your home network.

By communicating with your router, HEROIC predicts and prevents damaging attacks that could compromise any of the devices connected to your home network.

Don’t THINK you’re protected. KNOW you’re protected.

HEROIC provides users with an intuitive dashboard that displays real-time results of how each piece of the cybersecurity pie is protecting their most sensitive information.

The HEROIC Solution
One-Stop Cybersecurity

HEROIC Antivirus Suite

With five unique protective scanning engines and unlimited system speeds and cleans, HEROIC is the best free antivirus, malware and adware solution.

Secure Online Backup

Using military grade encryption, our data backup works quietly in the background without impacting performance to protect your files as you use your computer.

Advanced Content Filtering

HEROIC provides advanced filtering and parental control to block unwanted websites from every device connected to your WiFi network.

HEROIC Predictive Network Security

HEROIC scans more than 2% of the world’s web activity for Internet security threats to predict malicious attacks before they harm your sensitive data.

Data Breach Monitoring

Our real-time data monitoring scans the world’s hacked databases for your email addresses and informs you of any compromised addresses or password leaks.

Identity Theft Protection

Backed by a million dollar recovery guarantee, we monitor and prevent threats to your identity. If anything seems suspicious, you’ll receive real-time alerts.

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