Security-Focused Healthcare Managed IT Solutions

HEROIC is a highly skilled provider of Managed IT Solutions for Healthcare Providers, with a strong Cybersecurity foundation.   Our teams place Cybersecurity first, and build IT Infrastructure Management and Support systems into one integrated solution.

Medical practices and healthcare providers are prime targets for cyber criminals.  Ensure your IT enviornment is well managed, and well protected!


Secure. Comprehensive. Effective

Healthcare providers struggle with a large variety of technology and regulatory requirements that make medical operations complex and unique.  To be an expert in all these areas requires a large cross functional team, or many outsourced vendors to supplement your current team.  We provide both onsite and central core teams’ expertise to ensure all your IT and Cyber needs are met.  We add infrastructure, system and process development skill to ensure you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.  We simplify the process, while adding functionality and strategic capabilities beyond what most facilities have available.

Know your Facility is Protected with HEROIC

Data breaches have a major impact on the Healtcare industry.  Medical practices and providers are prime targets for cyber criminals, and it’s only getting worse.   Over 28 million health records were compromised in 2021, with nearly 78% of data breaches come from hacking.

HEROIC integrates enterprise level IT Infrastructure Management, Cybersecurity and Support into one effective solution to provide you peace of mind.

Exploitation of vulnerabilities for breaches grew by 180% in 2023

Hospital Attacks

Number of hospitals impacted by a ransomware attack on one major hospital system


Increase in Phishing

Increase in COVID-themed phishing emails directed towards the healthcare sector and general public

Individuals affected

Number of individuals affected by hacking incidents on healthcare entities within a three month period

Security-Focused Healthcare IT Solutions

In the healthcare sector, the use of mobile devices has become ubiquitous, making it even more critical to secure these devices to prevent attacks. With sensitive patient information stored on healthcare systems, a breach could result in serious consequences.

Protect Your Patients’ Sensitive Data with HEROIC’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber breaches of sensitive patient medical information are a serious issue, one which is unfortunately becoming much more common.  Reports indicate the number of health records exposed jumped from 21.2 million in 2019 to 28.5 million in 2021, with 78% of healthcare data breaches stemming from hacking.

Now is a good time for healthcare companies to make sure they are focusing on preparation, detection and incident response.  Detailed cybersecurity assessments will help ensure that potential threats are identified and remediated to ensure protection for your business and your patients. 

HEROIC will identify gaps in the infrastructure that puts your medical office at risk, and will recommend procedures to ensure your business is effectively safeguarded.  Unlike most other IT providers, HEROIC is a cyber security technology company first, and ensures cyber protection is the foundation of all we do.


Ensure your Operation is Effective and Secure

Well-designed and implemented IT systems ensured your business has the right tools to run smoothly. Medical facilities have a plethora of systems and tools required to support the different aspects of the business, including patient information, billing records, Radiology applications, communication and internet tools.

HEROIC’s IT specialists will conduct a comprehensive IT assessment to help identify your medical system needs, and ways to improve the effectiveness of your business.   Effective IT systems and tools should improve business processes and employee performance, as well as lower IT-related costs.  Once complete we will work within your budget to develop a strategic IT plan that works for your operation.


Complete Managed Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare providers want to focus on their core competancy of providing superior patient care.  Managed Healthcare IT services take the IT burden off the healthcare provider and ensures an optimally functioning IT enviornment is available, while also providing innovative and strategic improvements to the tools and functions available to patient care operations.

HEROIC offers the skilled support that will remove all IT-related functions and stressors from your business.  Our IT experts are skilled in all traditional IT functional areas, as well as PACS administration, Telecom,  Vendor applications & support, onsite IT asset management, and others.  Let us take the IT burden off your shoulders!


The Importance of Disaster Recovery Plan in Healthcare Industry

Our IT professionals understand that during a medical emergency, doctors cannot wait for a natural or cyber disaster to subside and for IT systems to be back up and running. Disaster recovery and business continuity services help minimize downtime, so business can continue as usual.

An effective disaster recovery plan lets you restore your medical data and resume normal processes with minimal downtime following any type of data loss. Without a disaster recovery plan, your business may have a delayed recovery or even fail following any type of significant data loss


Understand your business better with HEROIC’s Data Analytics Solutions

Simplifying collection and organization of healthcare data is a promising first step for most healthcare organizations. But having the tools to uncover the most useful data in a vast collection of information is key for organizations to get the most value from big data in healthcare.

Data analytics help organizations uncover vital insights in their data that could help them identify opportunities to provide more value, efficiency, and better-quality care at an affordable cost.


Effective IT Operations Support & Service

We know that healthcare professionals deal with medical emergencies 24/7/365, and need technology issues corrected fast to ensure the facilities can focus on caring for patients.  We are available every day of the year, 24 hours per day, to ensure you get support you need.

We have a core team of specialists available to respond, with a core team of engineers available to support further if required.   If the issue is with an external vendor’s system or application, we will take the lead to ensure it is resolved timely and effectively.

HEROIC’s service desk goes beyond just answering support questions and incident management.  We can also support change management, knowledge base creation, self-service portals, configuration management, metrics dashboards and even data analytics.


Maximize Value and Efficiency with Process Improvement Solutions

Workflow and process re-engineering is a method by which IT professionals discover improvements to IT-related problems that impact the day-to-day operation. HEROIC can help automate procedures and implement functional improvements to ensure that your IT system works for your specific office needs.

Healthcare leaders are seeking ways to reduce waste, increase the efficiency of healthcare operations.  If  your organization wants to improve healthcare value and service, process re-engineering might be a solution to consider.

HEROIC Healthcare


  • Cybersecurity Framework (NIST)
  • Vulnerability assessment and corrective actions.
  • Employee Training/testing
  • Hosted Firewalls
  • Endpoint protection
  • Penetration Testing

Data Analytics

  • Data acquisition and management
  • Validation & analysis tools
  • Opportunity evaluations and planning
  • AI tools and machine learning
  • Metrics management


  • Administration
  • Integration with HER systems

Applications Admin

  • PACS Administration
  • Applications Administration

Cloud Based Integration

  • Integrating with Cloud based Data storage systems
  • Cloud based applications
  • HL7, SFTP connectivity

Managed IT Services

  • Helpdesk /Servicedesk support
  • Onsite technical support
  • Offsite technical support
  • Disaster Recovery planning
  • Network Administration
  • Wireless Administration
  • Server Administration
  • Storage Administration
  • Database management
  • Domain Administration
  • Telecom Management
  • IT hardware and Software Vendor management
  • Onsite IT hardware asset management

Search your vulnerable domains and records provides organizations with a solution for their biggest risk; stolen login credentials and sensitive data. HEROIC has created the world’s largest repository of comprised credentials with over 100 billion individual records from over 20,000 data breaches and provides organizations with their private information including email addresses, usernames and passwords that have become compromised.

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