Has Your Email Been Compromised?

Hackers can steal personal information by leveraging stolen login credentials found on the dark web. See if you’ve been compromised by scanning your email against our secure database of hacked credentials.


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What is the HEROIC Email Security Scan?

Through HEROIC’s DarkHive™, the worlds largest database of compromised credentials, we can scan your email address and respective information to see if either has been hacked, leaked or compromised.


of user-generated passwords are vulnerable to hacks

account passwords are stolen each day


of Americans have had their passwords exposed

credentials compromised in the largest hack

Hackers want access to as many of your online accounts as possible so that they can brute force themselves into your private information, emails and financial data in order to perform cyber crimes against you.

Unique fingerprints of over 5 billion email addresses

HEROIC’s Email Security Scan is a free service that incorporates the HEROIC DarkHive™, the worlds largest public database of compromised credentials, to empower users to check if their email addresses and other personally identifiable information (PII) have been leaked or compromised on the dark web.

The Worlds Largest Breach Database

Over 5 Billion Records

Our Data Collection Process

Our lives rely on technology. We use it to do our jobs, entertain ourselves and stay connected. As technology continues to grow, our reliance on that technology does as well.

An organization’s employee and/or customer databases are either stolen or leaked by a malicious party

The compromised data is placed on the dark web where malicious threats and attackers obtain the data

HEROIC threat analysts discover the leaked and compromised data in hacker forums, paste bins, etc.

The data is then verified, cleaned and uploaded into HEROIC DarkHive™ for search and reporting

Users and organizations using HEROIC receive account alerts and other remediation actions

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