Billions of breached credentials … are you vulnerable?

EPIC (Enterprise Protection of Information and Credentials) helps organizations pinpoint and stop vulnerabilities created by the unauthorized use of stolen employee and customer login credentials

Discover, remediate, and prevent the risk of credential stuffing attacks

Powered by HEROIC’s DarkHive™ , the world’s largest database of compromised credentials, EPIC allows organizations to scan and monitor domains, IP addresses, and custom lists against 100+ billion records spanning thousands of corporate hacks leaked onto the deep and dark web. EPIC also gives organizations real-time alerts as machine learning uncovers credential correlations between leaked databases and as HEROIC dark web analysts add validated data into the DarkHive™

Monitor Credentials

Monitor employee login credentials across websites and services, all from a single dashboard.

Simple Data Searches

No in-house team needed. We constantly update our database with new hacks, keeping you secure.

Defined Scan Groups

Understand more about your organization by creating unique scan groups.

Robust API Integration

Integrate HEROIC’s easy-to-use API into any of your software system and programs.

Automatic Protection

Auto scan your users against each new hacked database the moment they become available.

Largest Hack Database

100+ billion individual records. Secure access to breached data from over 10,000 companies.

Actionable Analytics

Immediately understand where your organization is compromised and how you can increase security

Integration Assistance

Immediately understand where your organization is compromised and how you can increase security

defenders must respond faster

Over 80% of companies will face a data breach. That includes you.

88% of breaches are due to human error

In 2023, over 4 billion records were stolen across 3,205 cases

68% of breaches involved a person who fell victim to scams

Data breaches are an Increasing Cost

The average cost of a databreach in the US is 4.5 million

It takes around 55 days for organizations to remediate 50% of critical vulnerabilities

New Government Issued Guidelines

SEC security rules regarding public breach disclosure

Safeguard rules and security programs 2023-139

June ‘17 NIST guideline 800-63B

81% of security breaches involve leveraging weak or stolen login credentials.


Exploitation of vulnerabilities for breaches grew by 180% in 2023

Data is breached and then leaked online

Employee and customer databases are either stolen or leaked by a third party and uploaded to the dark web.


HEROIC dark web analysts discover the leaked or stolen data found in hacker forums, pastebins, etc.

DATA IS CLEANED, Processed, & distributed

Data is uploaded into the HEROIC DarkHive™ for compromised credential search and reporting capabilities


Receive real-time alerts including record details and remediation actions for compromised employee logins.

Search your vulnerable domains and records

HEROIC.com provides organizations with a solution for their biggest risk; stolen login credentials and sensitive data. HEROIC has created the world’s largest repository of comprised credentials with over 100 billion individual records from over 20,000 data breaches and provides organizations with their private information including email addresses, usernames and passwords that have become compromised.

RSA 2024 // Request to see Data Breaches

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