HEROIC Cyberlytics™

HEROIC Cyberlytics™ is an analytics engine used to predict and prevent cyber attacks before they happen. Our Cyberlytics engine analyzes tremendous amounts of complex threat data from all over the world to create powerful insights that are used to automatically protect your technology, your data, and ultimately you.

Automated Threat Discovery


Intrusion Detection

Event Correlation


Behavioral Monitoring

Anomaly Detection

Big Data Analytics

HEROIC has not launched yet, but you can be the first to join when we do.

The guardian platform is still underway, we expect it to be ready for early access by late 2024. If you want to be the first to join ahead of the "invite only" process, subscribe below to get notified when we launch.

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HEROIC is still under development, but we are well underway. We estimate launching in early 2024. Subscribing lets you know when we launch, and how you can be the first to reserve your HERO's (special currency specific to the platform).

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