A Team Dedicated to Protecting the World's Information

Delivering the best product with the customer in mind.

How it all started

HEROIC began out of frustration with current cybersecurity solutions and products for home users. Although enterprise-level solutions have matured over the last decade, solutions for individuals and families are still completely lacking and insufficient to fully protect against the growing number of cyber attacks threatening our technology.

After seeing multiple startups attempt to create adequate solutions – only be acquired and/or development stopped – HEROIC CEO, Chad Bennett, decided that if anybody were to provide a viable solution to consumer cybersecurity, it would have to be him and his team. With an extensive background in cybersecurity and technology, the founders of HEROIC are committed to providing the market with the world’s only holistic, next-generation cybersecurity platform for everyday home users.


HEROIC's Mission

Intelligently Protect the World’s Information from Known and Unknown Cyber Threats.

What We Battle


of all global Internet users have been victims of cyber crime at least once

Americans have had their information exposed by hackers within the past 12 months


of malicious attacks go undetected by current security products and solutions

new pieces of malware, computer viruses or other malicious software were created last year

Our Future

An unprecedented amount of hacks and cyber crimes have occurred within the past 12 months… and that’s with only four billion devices connected to the internet. By the year 2020, over twenty billion devices will be connected online and will be exponentially more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Moving forward, we are dedicated to predictive intelligence platform to manage cyber threats and to making cybersecurity simple and accessible for the masses. We will continue on our path to intelligently protecting the world against both known and unknown cyber threats.