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We are HEROIC!

Our lives rely on technology. We use it to do our jobs, entertain ourselves, and stay connected. As technology continues to advance at ever increasing rates so does our reliance on that technology.

This astounding technological growth has also brought with it an exponential increase in malicious cyber attacks. Today, these attacks are primarily focused on our devices and cloud services. As we move into the future, cyber threats will begin to attack the technology that we entrust our lives with including self-driving cars and electronic medical implants. We are already living in a time where wars are being fought with one’s and zeroes instead of bombs and bullets.

HEROIC began out of frustration with the reactive nature of modern cybersecurity solutions and a vision to protect against the next-generation of intelligent threats. Although enterprise-level solutions have matured over the last decade, artificially intelligent cyber threat protection has yet to make it to the masses.

Incremental improvement is not sufficient to protect against the danger on our doorstep, radical innovation is imperative. With extensive backgrounds in cybersecurity and technology at some of the largest companies in the world, along with a passion to protect our future generations, the HEROIC team is committed to bringing the next-generation of intelligent cybersecurity solutions to the masses.


HEROIC's Mission

To Intelligently Protect the World’s Information from Known and Unknown Cyber Threats.

What We Battle


of all global Internet users have been victims of cyber crime at least once

Americans have had their information exposed by hackers within the past 12 months


of malicious attacks go undetected by current security products and solutions

new pieces of malware, computer viruses or other malicious software were created last year

Our Future

An unprecedented amount of hacks and cyber crimes have occurred within the past 12 months… and that’s with only four billion devices connected to the internet. By the year 2020, over twenty billion devices will be connected online and will be exponentially more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Moving forward, we are dedicated to predictive intelligence platform to manage cyber threats and to making cybersecurity simple and accessible for the masses. We will continue on our path to intelligently protecting the world against both known and unknown cyber threats.
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