100 Million Accounts Hacked on Russia’s Largest Social Networking Site VK.com

Historical string of social networking hacks continues with another large data breach.

PROVO, Utah, June 6, 2016 — HEROIC, consumer cybersecurity provider, validated today a data breach of over 100 million verified accounts associated with Russia’s largest social networking site VK.com (formerly known as VKontakte).

The breach contains over 171 million accounts, but only a smaller portion of 100,544,934 – more to be released – are being sold and traded on the dark web. The breach contains VK.com user emails, usernames, passwords, phone numbers, city locations and even backup emails dating from 2006-2011.

VK.com – inspired by Facebook – has become one of Russia’s most popular social media site with over 90 million monthly users and six billion social interactions each day.

The breach was provided by a hacker that goes by the alias of “Peace”.  It’s believed that Peace is also behind other recent social networking leaks including LinkedIn.com, MySpace.com, Tumblr and Zoosk.

“Because social networking is growing at such a rapid rate, it becomes extremely important that proper security measures are taken to provide the necessary protection for users,” says Chad Bennett, founder and CEO of HEROIC. “Social sites have these massive data sets that become targets for hackers simply because a breach of this size and relevance could sell on the dark web for thousands of dollars.”

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Below are the top 10 email domains used within the accounts hacked and their frequency:

  1. @mail.ru – 41,132,524
  2. None – 21,877,927
  3. @yandex.ru – 11,604,169
  4. @rambler.ru – 7,416,993
  5. @bk.ru – 2,183,690
  6. @gmail.com – 2,033,429
  7. @list.ru – 1,586,503
  8. @ukr.net – 1,509,641
  9. @inbox.ru – 1,411,841
  10. @yahoo.com – 586,902

Below are the top 10 passwords used within the accounts hacked and their frequency:

  1. “23456” – 709,067
  2. “123456789” – 416,591
  3. “Qwerty” – 291,645
  4. “111111” – 189,151
  5. “1234567890” – 156,614
  6. “1234567” – 141,620
  7. “12345678” – 107,799
  8. “123321” – 93,048
  9. “000000” – 91,981
  10. “123123” – 89,461

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