68 Million Dropbox User Accounts Hacked and Released to the Internet

Chad Bennett

August 31, 2016

68 Million Dropbox User Accounts Hacked and Released to the Internet

Cloud storage platform falls victim to data breach hackers.

Today, HEROIC.com obtained and validated a data breach of over 68 million accounts associated with online cloud storage platform Dropbox.

The 5GB database containing 68,680,741 accounts was stolen by hackers and later released to the dark web. The database contains user email addresses and hashed (protected) passwords dating back to 2012. According to Dropbox, the data is legitimate.

Earlier this week, Dropbox required users to reset their passwords if they hadn’t previously done so since 2012. The company issued the following statement:

“Our security teams are always watching out for new threats to our users. As part of these ongoing efforts, we learned about an old set of Dropbox user credentials (email addresses plus hashed and salted passwords) that we believe was obtained in 2012. Our analysis suggests that the credentials relate to an incident we disclosed around that time.

Based on our threat monitoring and the way we secure passwords, we don’t believe that any accounts have been improperly accessed. Still, as one of many precautions, we’re requiring anyone who hasn’t changed their password since mid-2012 to update it the next time they sign in”

We encourage everyone to search our database of over 1.8 billion hacked records including Dropbox by visiting our homepage. If your account has been compromised in any of our hacked databases, HEROIC will provide measures to remediate and secure your affected account(s) moving forward.

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