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Can Outside Hacks Compromise Your Employee Logins?

Mitigate organizational risk by protecting your employee and customer logins from credential stuffing attacks.

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63% of data breaches involve leveraging
weak or stolen login credentials.

-2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon

Can Stolen Logins Sink Your Business?

Your company’s login security starts with external breach detection. HEROIC for Business keeps a vigilant eye on the security of your company’s data by alerting you when either your employees or customers have had their login credentials compromised in a data breach outside of your network.

Studies show that most people use similar or even identical login credentials when setting up online accounts for work and personal use, which creates a security risk if those sites are breached.

To keep your business safe from password crackers, HEROIC provides API access to the world’s largest hack database, which automatically notifies you when your employees’ or your users’ credentials have been compromised offsite.

Knowing which offsite data has been compromised is crucial since stolen credentials and a little social engineering are often used by hackers to find a way into your online services, which undermines access privileges and user authentication and puts your banking websites, social media accounts, inventory systems, and more at risk. This entry process is called “credential stuffing” or a “dictionary attack,” both of which are focused brute force attack types.

How many stolen employee and customer logins from other websites are being used to force access to your network? Find out today with HEROIC.

HEROIC currently holds more compromised login records than any other competitor including: LeakedSource, HaveIBeenPwned, PasswordPing, LeakBase, Leakwatch, Criminal Cat and SkidBase.

Intelligently Secure Your Biggest Risk

Robust API Integration

Integrate with access privileges, user authentication, identity analytics, IAM etc.


Simple Data Searches

No in-house team needed. We constantly update our database with new hacks

World's Largest Hack Database

Secure access to over 5 billion individual records and thousands of company data breaches


Automatic Breach Detection

Auto scan your users against each new hacked database as they become available

Defined Scan Groups

Gain a more detailed understanding of your organization by creating unique scan groups

Monitor Credentials

Monitor the security of employee logins across compromised websites

Actionable Analytics

Immediately understand where your organization needs to increase cybersecurity

Multiple Scan Options

Scan by domain, sub-domain, IP range and even custom scans such as customer lists

Increase your corporate security today

Access to over 5 billion records from thousands of company data breaches including

…and many more, play a role in 48% of hacking incidents.