Frequently Asked Questions

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How does HEROIC work?

The central security function of HEROIC is its Predictive Network Security. By scanning billions of web uses daily for Internet security threats, HEROIC can interpret when and where malicious attacks will occur. This intelligence is used as a shield to proactively block threats from passing through your home network to your devices.

On top of our Predictive Network Security we apply industry leading antivirus, secure online backup, identity theft protection, content filtering and more to make HEROIC your strongest protector in every direction.

What devices does HEROIC protect?

Our Predictive Network Security protects any device connected to your home network. This includes desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, baby monitor, home alarm system, security cameras, video game console, smart TV, smart thermostat, smart door locks and more.

Our Antivirus Suite protects desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Will my guests’ device’s be protected?

Any device that’s connected to your home network will be protected. This is because HEROIC sits between your home router and the internet in order to block any incoming threats to the devices connected to your network.

How will I know if my devices are being hacked?

HEROIC will proactively block any and all incoming hacks and viruses, yet you’ll be able to see a real-time report of attack attempts in your personalized dashboard.

How quickly will HEROIC protect me?

We protect you immediately because unlike most antivirus and cybersecurity solutions, HEROIC works proactively rather than retrospectively to stop threats. It knows which threats are already out there and predicts the arrival of new ones.

How many devices can HEROIC protect at once?

Most of our features cover an unlimited number of devices. A few of our features vary in their coverage based on the security plan you choose. See the Pricing tab for more information on our plans.

Setup & Usage

Do I need to download anything to get setup?

Yes. After purchasing your security plan through the Pricing tab, you’ll be walked through the setup of your account through a setup wizard. During that time, you’ll download the “HEROIC Security Software” which will install the necessary software to enable the security features in your chosen plan.

How long does setup take?

Setup only takes a few minutes. Your cybersecurity features will be fully functional and securing your devices the same day as your purchase.

How do I get software updates?

In the near future all updates will be made automatically. For the next little while you’ll be notified by email when a software update is required. All updates can be made from your HEROIC dashboard.

Is customer support offered for each security plan?

Yes. Basic customer support is available for all HEROIC customers. Although, support for more advanced cases requires one of our enhanced protection plans such as Premium or Elite. Our support team can be reached by email or phone between 8 am and 5 pm MST, Monday through Friday. We’re closed all national holidays.


Phone: 800-613-8582

Payment & Plans

Is there a recurring fee for the service?

Yes. HEROIC offers four monthly subscription plans at prices ranging from free to $29.99 a month.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You may cancel your account at any time without a cancellation fee and there are no contracts.

Can I change security plans if I want additional protection?

Yes. Once logged in to your personalized dashboard, you can easily upgrade to a different plan at any time.

Will my security turn off if my credit card expires or declines before I can update it?

No. You will receive one email notification every seven days after the first failed attempt to charge your card (roughly 4 notices in total). If your credit card has not been updated after thirty days, your security plan will automatically be reduced to the free plan which still provides you with the most essential security features such as antivirus and email breach monitoring.

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