With its status as one of the top upcoming ICO’s, HEROIC.com was invited as the first company to present and kick-off a great future with the new #BPNLDN.

#BPNLDN is a new ICO-oriented blockchain event in London where the attendees are able to connect with ICO Founders face-to-face and ask important questions about the company and its Initial Coin Offering. #BPNLDN is organized by Atlas Neue and Stephan Tual, one of the original Ethereum team members. It is also a sister event to the largest Ethereum meetup on the planet, #ETHLDN.

Chad Bennett, HEROIC.com’s CEO, presented on HEROIC.com and the future of cybersecurity, powered by the blockchain. Lots of great questions were asked.

Stay tuned for the video of the event which will be released shortly.