Humans Suck At Cybersecurity

by Oct 4, 2017

As businesses continue to spend upwards of $120 billion on advanced cybersecurity solutions each year ($170 billion projected to be spent by the year 2020) to protect information and sensitive data, it becomes increasingly more disappointing to see how many breaches and leaks are reported in the news. The sad reality is there is a common weak link that often opens a direct pathway for hackers and cybercriminals to access company and individual networks. Unfortunately, that weak link is humans.

It’s no secret, humans suck at cybersecurity. Online services are doing their best to help individuals and companies protect their data, but individuals and companies continue to practice poor account management across numerous online accounts. Even with a stack of advanced solutions offering layers of data protection, these solutions are only as good as the people who use them. We’ve compiled some intriguing data to show how poor password creation and usage, when combined with poor cybersecurity behavior, quickly becomes a data protection disaster.

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