Over 33 Million QIP.ru Accounts Hacked

Second large Russian data breach released this week compromising millions across the world.

Today, HEROIC obtained and validated a data breach of over 33 million accounts associated with Russian instant messaging platform QIP.ru.

The database was provided to us by a hacker going by the name daykalif. The database contains user email addresses, usernames, passwords and other related fields dating from 2009-2011. The passwords within the database were stored in plaintext with no encryption or hashing.

The breach in total contains 33,394,101 accounts and has been verified with successful password reset attempts.

QIP is a free internet communication platform much like ICQ. The downloadable program provides websites and users the ability to send instant messages as well as video and audio calls.

We encourage everyone to search our database of over 2.1 billion hacked records including QIP.ru for free by visiting our homepage or scanning down below. If your account has been compromised in any of our hacked databases, HEROIC will provide measures to remediate and secure your affected account(s) moving forward.

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Below are the top 10 email domains used within the accounts hacked and their frequency:

  1. @mail.ru – 9,767,726
  2. @yandex.ru – 2,493,541
  3. @rambler.ru – 2,012,071
  4. @gmail.com – 925,427
  5. @bk.ru – 698,905
  6. @list.ru – 584,884
  7. @inbox.ru – 526,617
  8. @qip.ru – 343,347
  9. @ukr.net – 287,745
  10. @ya.ru – 233,114

Below are the top 10 passwords used within the accounts hacked and their frequency:

  1. “123456” – 607,156
  2. “123123” – 148,642
  3. “111111” – 147,106
  4. “123456789” – 118,804
  5. “12345678” – 98,830
  6. “qwerty” – 74,499
  7. “1234567” – 73,053
  8. “666666” – 65,124
  9. “0” – 64,887
  10. “123321” – 60,133

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