Preparing for the New War Against Cyber Terrorism

by Oct 28, 2015

Terrorism. It’s a powerful word that frightens, scares and as of late, has transformed the world. The 9-11 attacks in the U.S., the train bombings in England, even the suicide bombings in Russia are just a few recent instances that have forced the general public to become more aware of security threats within our airports, our businesses and other public places.

And although physical terrorism has been at the forefront of our national attention and military action, a new form of terrorism has emerged; one that can take place online from a computer thousands of miles away, but still have an enormous impact on our security. What are we doing to ensure that hackers and groups don’t infiltrate our homes through networks and devices?

Even with the added measures of physical security Americans have taken, the overwhelming majority of the population still uses outdated cybersecurity solutions for their computers, phones and other mobile devices. The extreme lack of adequate and up-to-date solutions has caused multiple antivirus and cybersecurity companies to acknowledge and tackle this huge problem.

Population of America (in millions)

Number of Hacked Americans (in millions)

When asked about the threat from cyber terrorism, cybersecurity expert, Mikko Hyppönen responded, “Clearly, this situation isn’t getting better. It’s getting worse…” “The Islamic State is the first extremist group that has a credible offensive cyber capability.” The biggest risk Hyppönen identified was people and groups that don’t have a clear financial benefit from attacking. “Extremists might be willing to do an attack like that,” Hyppönen said, referencing an attack against factory equipment.

So how do we protect ourselves? The simple answer is we need to beef up and focus our efforts in cybersecurity. Just as we increased our screening measures and added additional fail-safes for our airports and businesses, we should take equally drastic measures in regards to cybersecurity.

Luckily, HEROIC is doing just that. Through advanced threat protection and predictive intelligence, HEROIC scans the world’s web to detect and eliminate suspicious and potentially harmful threats from entering your home’s internet network and devices. The unfortunate news though is hackers are going to be found everywhere. Are we ready for them?

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